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New Urbanist versus Conventional Suburban Developments   Mine Hashas-Degertekin

New Urbanist versus Conventional Suburban Developments

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Community well-being depends heavily on enduring and vital residential environments. In order to create such environments, planners, designers, and policymakers need to understand the structures that cause residents to feel attached to an environment. Before people will feel safe and secure in a residential environment, before they will care for it, pay attention to it, and commit to continue living in it—they must first feel attached to it. Suburban developments are said to lack the physical and social conditions necessary for the attachment process. New Urbanist neighborhoods have been suggested as alternatives to conventional suburban developments because they are claimed to be more viable in social and physical terms and create a greater sense of community and place identity. This study aims to test these ideas on New Urbanist and Conventional Suburban Communities and should be useful to anyone in the area of urban design, urban planning, environmental psychology and real estate...
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