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A Multi-Factor Model of Use Value for Enclosed Outdoor Spaces   Dilek Y?ld?z

A Multi-Factor Model of Use Value for Enclosed Outdoor Spaces

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study examines the concept of “use value” of enclosed outdoor spaces and its dependency on some factors that are stemmed from the previous research results. The use value of enclosed outdoor spaces is described as a combination of activity diversity, frequency of activities, use density and occupancy time. Physical features, enclosure, spatial layout, aesthetic/visual quality, pedestrian movement, context, planned activities, period of time and user profile are considered as factors that can be influential on the use value. The study is based on eco-behavioral theory and the case study was conducted in enclosed outdoor spaces at a university campus. This research showed that there are many factors which are influential on the use value of enclosed outdoor spaces. These factors, every one of which has an effect on the use value to a varying degree when working together, establish an analysis model to evaluate the use value of enclosed outdoor spaces. While showing the significance...
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