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Some aspects of contemporary Russian architecture and urban design   Sergei Jargin and Zoya Yargina

Some aspects of contemporary Russian architecture and urban design

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the course of reconstruction during the last decades, historic centre of Moscow has been partially replaced by imitations of old architecture. Reconstruction of Moscow and some other Russian cities includes not only selective replacement of old buildings but also transformation of remaining ones. After the reconstruction, it is sometimes difficult to envisage original appearance. Which arguments are voiced in support of the current reconstruction? Continuation of imperial traditions, idealized as they are today, or invented anew, as if no fin de siecle, revolution and constitution have ever taken place, as if modesty, embodied in the two-storied Moscow Eclecticism, has never existed. Where are they, old Muscovites, who inhabited these humble art nouveau and eclectic houses? Expelled from the city centre most of them and live in apartment blocks at the periphery… Apparently, Russia is standing on the eve of her new historic greatness. Therefore, magnificent and formidable image of...
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