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New Market Hall for Kosice, Slovakia   Veronika Adamova

New Market Hall for Kosice, Slovakia

104 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Public space has become a popular topic of discussion recently. Architects, urban planners and designers have many aspects to consider when creating a pleasant and functional space for visitors. A design of a New Market hall in a middle- sized city tries to solve two problems. First, the project plans to reconstruct historical cannon casern complex which is an important part of city’s history by finding a new function for its original buildings. Second, the newly designed Market hall brings life to the area and adapts to the scale of the historical caserns and city center. In order to meet these goals, the project is broken into three sections: (A.) Public space overview, (B.) Commercial public space, and (C.) Market hall design. This architectural design is one example of an approach to carefully enter a historical downtown area of our cities. The design aims to stimulate the local market, give a sense of historical restoration and create job opportunities, not only for citizens,...
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