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How the Student Learns and How the Tutor Assesses   Nazan Kirci

How the Student Learns and How the Tutor Assesses

140 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this study, after the main problems of design studios are put forward; firstly the theories of learning are explained with a linear approach; and then the issue of architecture being an act of problem solving or being an act of creativity had been scrutinized. Within the context of design studio works, it could be possible to decide whether the students are inclined to show skills of problem solving or creativity and thereby to take precautions for the improvement of the weaker aspect. After touching on the basic characteristics of the creative student and the tutor, tips and clues had been searched for the problem of the teaching method and assessment in a design studio. This study focuses on how the differences between the students and the tutor team could be organised to be turned into an advantage in the design studio. To this end, the running of the studio, crits methods, basis of assessment and how they could be shaped had been questioned.
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