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Space, Movement and the Inner Self: An Experiment   Shivangi Jain Mehra

Space, Movement and the Inner Self: An Experiment

124 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
This book is an experiment to see whether an individual can be transformed through architecture. It is an experiment in time and space by allowing one to go through a sequence of spaces, creating events that reveal a different side of the being to himself and start an inner journey leading to growth. In an academic setting, it is essential to infuse, in the student, the urge for this inner growth, along with conditioning of the mind. It is anticipated that students will walk into the proposed University Centre in North Campus, Delhi University, India, to engage with spiritual experiences that enable emotional expressions and initiate a process of creative growth. This design attempts to create a balance through architecture between ‘out’ and ‘in’ as it is the only means to design spaces that may be experienced alone or with the world. This contrast of experiences is the essence of the design of the project. The university centre makes available facilities like exhibition...
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