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Deconstructing the Spatial Perceptions By Creating An Artist''s retreat   Muhammad Faisal Rehman

Deconstructing the Spatial Perceptions By Creating An Artist''s retreat

148 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Theory of Deconstructivism. A methodology towards Analytical Study in Solution finding for any issue is Defined simply by Disintegration, Transformation and Liberation. The conclusion evolved from Philosophical Study Of The Theory is A Space for Artists both for their living,working and recreational activities. A space where the creativity and emotions are evocated Automatically through Spatial configurations. A site which should be close to nature and Thick foliage makes an attractive environment for interaction with one''s own self. A hill station. The application of teh philosophy is incorporated into the program which will be executed both at micro and macro level considering the psychological and physical experiences and providing a feasible environemnt to redefine the concept of functionality and movement in spaces. The purpose and aim is to provide a dynamic and expressive environemnt both for the Artists who will be working there and teh visitors who will be ...
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