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Performing Arts Center   F''rah Mukhtar

Performing Arts Center

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The desire to be a spectator to an act of wonder is so innately human that it can be mistaken for an instinct. The arena, the stage, the proscenium have always been platforms to quench this desire over the ages. Today, the performances have taken many forms and the recent boom in the private productions has given an air of healthy competition. In the light of these facts, designing a performing arts center, a theater or a studio requires hands on knowledge of the technicalities. "The Front of the House" is what the spectator witnesses, but it is hugely supported by "The Back of the House". The planning and presentation section, design and graphics section, make up and wardrobe section are to name a few that work together to put up a great performance. A design exercise has been focused for the city of Lahore, the heart of cultural activities in Pakistan. This book has been composed to bring together standards and basics for the designers, performers, the support staff and anyone who...
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