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Chain of Events   Ir. R.D. Zeegers

Chain of Events

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This studio researches the term public realm both theoretical and practical.Specially focused on the actual urban conditions of the “Krachtwijk” Transvaal, The Hague. The studio is searching for a new public realm, programmes, urban and/or local strategies for Transvaal. Transvaal is now being restructured, and together with “client” Staedion our research themes will give answers for the problems that Transvaal has. I decided to focus on an urban intervention for the Line 11 zone barrier (Holland Spoor-Scheveningen) to repair the disconnections. Also on the larger scale of the structure of the city The Hague and his history. The Line 11 zone restructures/stitches Transvaal with the Schilderswijk by a lower landscape for the cars and trams. Connected by other platforms. It creates a chain of events that support the public life (and introduces new lifestyles) for Transvaal and the city. The main events are: station, market hall, park, pop stage/cultural centre. The programs are...
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