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Biomimicry as a metaphor for Perfect integration in sustainability   Asha Nilani Liyanage

Biomimicry as a metaphor for Perfect integration in sustainability

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Biomimicry does not imitate nature, instead biomimicry learning from nature''s designs and processes by imitating ideas. And It''s a growing area of research in the fields of architecture and engineering due to the fact that it is an inspirational metaphor of possible new innovation and because of the potential it offers a way to create more sustainable and even regenerative built environment. The widespread and practical application of biomimicry as a design method remains largely unrealized.The various forms of biomimicry comply with building integration and its application to the building system; it is shown that these varieties of approaches may lead to attain different outcomes in terms of overall sustainability or regenerative potential. It is posited that a biomimetic approach to architectural design incorporates an understanding of integrating systems could become a path for creating a built environment and goes beyond simply sustaining conditions to a restorative practice...
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