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Social Housing Renovation   Francesca Riccardo

Social Housing Renovation

244 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Liveability in several European social housing neighborhoods from the postwar period has decreased. Due to the poor quality of construction, obsolete technical equipments and outdated typology of dwellings this residential stock is deteriorating and interventions are required. Demolition can be expensive and is not always the best sustainable solution. Thus, possible approaches are long term maintenance and strategic renovation. With this respect, facade redesign can lead to improved quality housing and higher energy efficiency. Numerous social housing neighborhoods in Italy are declining and renovation in the big cities is often a challenging task. The housing association in Rome has invested money and effort but more has to be done. Good practices in the Netherlands show diverse levels of renovation and several facade solutions to enhance quality of life in the said neighborhoods. Is there room for transferability of practice to Italy? This study provides an overview on...
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