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Coptic Architecture   Nelly Ramzy

Coptic Architecture

188 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents a trial to answer the question of “In religious buildings, do we build using the architectural knowledge and a path to the wisdom of the 21st Century, or do we continue to do what we have been doing before?” It introduced a trial to monitor how the different factors of Egyptian environment throughout different historical epochs had forced the Coptic Architecture into certain directions that brought it to its present form, which - in a way or another - stands away from the development of the religious buildings in the western world. The issue here is not just about historical narration, but rather about the study of how people tried to acclimatize with the environment and utilize the very primitive obtainable techniques and how could we do the same with the much more possibilities that we have in our hands today. This work should be helpful for those who are concerned with historical and religious architecture in general and those who are concerned ...
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