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A Sustainable Approch To Design Green Buildings   Azmat Ali Khan

A Sustainable Approch To Design Green Buildings

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
21st century will be proven as a millennium of transitions as happened in last two to three decades, first transition is from wood to coal, then from coal to oil and then from fossil fuels to renewable resources. Obviously today the 21st century is era of sustainability i.e. Green Architecture. The manipulation of technological advancement in Architecture is to provide and to maintain thermal comfort is the question of a day and this can only done through the adoptation of passive solar systems. Global warming & Energy crises are the severe challenges,it has been observed that one of the root causes for the energy crises in Pakistan is the building sector. About 70% 0f total energy is consuming in buildings in the form of electricity & gas. The objective is how to provide human comfort, how to minimize energy consumption, decrease our reliance on mechanical systems and to make buildings environment friendly, cost effective and less pollutant to the environment and most...
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