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On the Non-Complete   Amos Bar-Eli

On the Non-Complete

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Architecture adopts a preference for completion, stability, and unified objects andconcepts. Reality, rather paradoxically, suggests partiality and discontinuity of space,experience, and conciseness. Unity, harmony, and finality compose the values accordingto which architecture is measured. The tendency and the urge to create according to thesevalues is referred to as the complete. Visionary architecture uses the same tools ofexpression as architecture, but is free from the consequences of the built. As such it canstand in a polar position to built architecture and suggest an opposing value system.Fragmentary, ruin-ness, and infinity – the work refers to this value system as Noncomplete.The research examines, through theoretical and visual examples, the concept of Noncompletearchitecture, tracing its existence in Visionary architectural history, and pointingout its main attributes. The research points it not merely as un-finished but rather as aneffort in establishing the work in a...
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