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Critical Look to the Developments in Architectural Structures   Taraneh Dastouri Bias

Critical Look to the Developments in Architectural Structures

100 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aims to identify and analyze the new architectural structures in order to extract useful principles for application of architects as well as structural engineers. It is also hoped that by such research a body of knowledge will be built up on the architectural structure. Architects and designers in the continent need to be aware of these existing new methods in order to be able to develop an appropriate style of building and compete with the method which is fast becoming homogenous in the world today. Architectural structure building is becoming the global style and architects like Zaha Hadid have done the projects all over the world which shows the adoptability and sustainability as two important factors has been done in such buildings so far. The outcome of this book is helpful for the designers in their design process, In other word designing the structure is the key to make any desire projects, specially those who seek to create new forms and architectural...
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