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Contextuality   Nurur Rahman Khan


180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Kahn's works in this region is often misunderstood and not properly apprised. A very important aspect of his works is its contextuality – even though its architectural manifestation is extremely modern, idealist, and timeless. It thus becomes crucially important to understand Kahn’s work in the aspect of “context” so that we may also be able to perceive context in a more profound manner instead of subjective to elemental presentation and cliche in order to uphold regional values in terms of culture and religion in an attempt to be regionalistic. Kahn's work in the region is rich in the understanding of place, climate, history and culture – yet it goes on to deliver an extremely universal architectural language rich in values, ideals and vision and gifted with the quality of timelessness. This study takes a close look at the events and background of the projects in the region, Kahn’s understanding of the context of the project – his manifestation of context, and his philosophical...
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