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Словарь английского произношения / Everyman's English Pronouncing Dictionary   Даниэль Джоунз

Словарь английского произношения / Everyman's English Pronouncing Dictionary

70x90/32 538 страниц. 1964 год.
Советская энциклопедия
NINETEEN eventful years have elapsed since this Dictionary was last reset. During this period many new words have appeared in the language (e.g. automation, baby-sitter, Benelux, cyclotron, dilutee, escapee, idiolect, lay-by, redundantize, smog, windcheater), quite a number which used to be rare have come into common or fairly common use (e.g. coelacanth, derequisition, faille, throughput, trucial), and many words have acquired new pronunciations (see below). Moreover, as some 90,000 copies of the book have been disposed of since the fourth edition was published in 1937, the plates from which it has been printed have lately shown signs of wear. It became clear, therefore, a few years ago that another complete resetting of the book would soon become imperative. At the request of the publishers I started work with this in view in 1951, and have been able to give the entire book a thorough revision. About 1,350 new words have been incorporated (as well as the 630 odd in the Supplement to...
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