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The Toolbox   Yamil Hasbun Ch. and Uffe Gross

The Toolbox

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This project introduces the advantages of working in three dimensions at the early phases of an urban design process. These phases have commonly been neglected from the use of 3D analytical and design tools, which in many cases result in inadequate urban interventions. The Toolbox is therefore a quick and easy digital tool that allows urban designers to sketch their ideas in three dimensions since the beginning of a design process. Moreover, the Toolbox allows the designer to express his or her ideas in a way that is easily understood by almost anyone, regardless of their skills in reading architectural plans and drawings, allowing the possibility for more people to become active in an urban design discussion. This is possible as the Toolbox virtually imitates the way humans perceive space through embodiment. The project involved a 3- week study trip to Sisimuit in Greenland, where we worked together with the Municipal planning division. During...
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