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On Minimalism In Architecture   Dragana Vasilski

On Minimalism In Architecture

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The approach in this research is methodologically defined by architecture domain that is art within it, therefore what the visual means are materials including the light as material. The light is matter and material. In minimalism, materials shape space and express its essence, which is the irreducible minimum. As the material contained in the tangible components, and sentient, such a relationship is required for duality of materialization, which is achieved by the use of their material expression of immateriality. This expression gives the truth of immateriality (natural materials) and tactile value (structure and texture). Projects of minimalist objects fully accept the ability of the materials to be transformed when are formed by light, which allows them the ”movement” (the ability to transform), so that they influence our senses. Emotional and perceptual relationship to light help us to understand the buildings because light is a substance through which we move as it moves through...
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