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The Voice of Silence   Manar Hannoun

The Voice of Silence

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Responding to our cultural and our beliefs, people who get HIV/AIDS are Guilty,however if they are or not.As result we isolate them which affect apparently to their social and economical life.And Recently this problem became rising these days especially at MENA Region(Middle East & North Africa)because of low income in equality, Labour migration, youth & Unemployment, Security & Conflicts. Especially in Jordan because of its Geographic location, Openness to other countries and multiculturalism. So AIDS Community Care Center & Research project became as a response to solve these problems, which deals completely with AIDS Affairs psychology and physically. Therefore this book Provides a comprehensive Analysis for this Project beginning definition of the problem & site analysis to initial conceptual Design, which includes 6 Chapters:( Definition, Nature of the Project, Site Analysis, Programming & Synthesis). whether you are student or Architect or Designer this book provides a...
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