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Drawing Time with Temporal Drawing   In-sung Kim

Drawing Time with Temporal Drawing

192 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book concerns the temporality of architecture. Although many architects argue their ways of dealing with time, their idea is confined within narrow-mined assumptions of science, and their methods are locked in the intrinsic limitation of architectural representation. The book criticises the idea of time with only successive instants, and finds the origin of the problem at the conventional architectural representation which cannot show what we are together with, but just what we can confront. As a "research by design", this work is led by a design experiment, which is simply to represent my office. The experiment tries to catch the time of my office with various strategies, and theoretical arguments, initiated mainly from Deleuze, grope for their way in the dialogue with the drawings. The strategy of drawing experiment is to approve material and conceptual substantiality of drawing so that it can ‘work'' in time. Ironically, the drawing could manifest my office-ness when it was...
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