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Solar City   Helle Hejler Andersen and Mathias Lind Klogborg

Solar City

216 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is based on a master thesis project developed by Helle Hejler Andersen & Mathias Lind Klogborg at the Master program in Architecture at Architecture & Design, Aalborg University, Denmark. The project focuses on designing an energy neutral building in a Danish context integrating dwellings, public outdoor spaces and other functions. The building industry emits more than 40 % of the Danish energy consumption, and for that reason it is a focal point to act on. As architects we play an important role in reducing costs and CO2 emission while at the same time designing better homes and indoor environments for people to live in. In order to meet these issues and to achieve energy neutrality the focus has been on integrating renewable energy sources without compromising the architectural quality. To solve this task the Integrated Design Process (IDP) has been used as a tool during the entire project to reach an integrated design. The project is based on...
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