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Historical Texture of Semnan   Fariborz Yadollahi

Historical Texture of Semnan

156 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The theories on city construction are mainly concerned on studying the city's developmental trends in different periods, verifying the residency areas, occupation and consequently identifying the social trends dominated over the cities. Each theory is extensively focused on organizing a part of city developmental trend but there are some factors resulting in failed developments and predictions including some unpredictable situations seen in life, different cultures, weather and local conditions and their effects on cities during times, distractions and reconstructions. This paper is mainly concerned on reviewing the available models to provide a development theory based on stem-based model in order to best verify the destruction of old and newly constructed textures in the Semnan Province of Iran. The main approaches to improve such constructions are also mentioned in current paper. The methodology employed in this article is observation in qualitative, analytic-descriptive form of...
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