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Disasters and Buildings   Guler Ozyildiran

Disasters and Buildings

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Natural events, such as earthquakes and floods, are likely turn into a disaster by the collapse of man-made environments. Our past experiences indicated that these natural events, especially earthquakes, caused serious catastrophes in Turkey. Main aim of Turkish disaster regulations is to provide knowledge for designers and builders to control structural and constructional system of buildings that can resist disasters. However, these regulations might create some restrictions for architects in their design processes. This book aims to examine the effects of ‘Turkish Disaster Regulations’ on architectural design. These disaster regulations have been developed continuously after different disaster experiences for years. Following an analytical examinations of its history from an architectural point of view, the main focus of this book is given to the 2007 disaster regulation called ‘Specification for Buildings to be Built in Earthquake Areas’ in order to evaluate critically the...
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