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A Comparative Study   Robert Simeoni

A Comparative Study

192 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over time I have observed certain types of interventions that achieve a directness of expression, often as a result of utility yet full of character. Primarily in inner Melbourne, these buildings display qualities that appear ad-hoc and unusually proportioned, even awkward. But looking closer they have a weight, plainness and beauty of their own. Early on, the practice of Robert Simeoni Architects was immersed in small architecture – alterations and additions to existing buildings. Through this time a search for references and connections at a small scale began. This developed into a continuous ‘catalogue’ of moments, evolving with the eventual move into larger works. Rarely is the building considered complete but rather an ambiguous sense of suspension is strived for. This thesis examines how throughout the work, the re-appropriation of catalogue images becomes apparent; the distillation of images and projects leads to a more complete resolution. It is through (these) moments...
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