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Improving the Connection:   Alexander Koeling

Improving the Connection:

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ongoing development of traffic congestion throughout The Netherlands has been part of Dutch policy for a long time now, with no actual results in decreasing this mobility issue.The Hague, as part of the Randstad where traffic congestion plays a large role, is an important connection on all levels. With investments in Central Station, Hollands Spoor, as a metropolitan station area has limited quality appeal in terms of spatial arrangement including the problem area Stationsbuurt and dangerous traffic crossings. This is strange, not only because of the intensive use of the station, but also because it contains cultural historical qualities, such as the main building of Holland Spoor.This graduation project contains a complete plan for the station area to provide for a quality area for transfers, but also as recreational area for visitors specifically aiming on the use of slow traffic.
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