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Reconstructing a Pedagogical Framework for Critique Sessions   Badiossadat Hassanpour and Nangkula Utaberta

Reconstructing a Pedagogical Framework for Critique Sessions

140 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Once a technology is developed in a certain country, it’s know- how can be instantly spread out all over the world, neglecting the cultural aspects of countries to or from which it propagates .On the contrary the spiritual and cultural aspects of human life, namely, how to enrich men’s day by day life, cannot easily be communicated. The interchange of man’s cultural aspects is not as easy as that of materialistic ones. Education as a first stage of attitude and effect on future can play an important role. Especially in art and architecture which is completely linked with spiritual and mental aspects and has direct effect on thoughts and ideas; even it can make a pattern and line behavior for human’s life. So this book tries to investigate about architecture education and critique sessions as its backbone. First we take a look on what is going on in design studios and then will classify the critique methods in different type of studios and will explain each. Later by mentioning all...
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