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1912 Galata Bridge   Umut Sumnu

1912 Galata Bridge

84 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work looks at the 1912 Galata Bridge as a case study and attempts to examine it as a dual construction in two senses: space and memory. Acknowledging that space and memory mutually construct each other, this thesis explains each term in general but also elucidates the relationship between perception and remembrance of space by reading the materiality of the 1912 Galata Bridge. In that respect, changing meanings attributed to space over time are analysed lead us to recognise two different ways of conceiving space named as 'spaceness' and 'placeness'. This dual existence is conductive to raising questions about perception of the 1912 Galata Bridge in two layers. Taken separately, its function of conveyance and the property of inhabitation lead us to read 'spaceness' and 'placeness' that also correspond to two ways of remembering it. Its 'spaceness' is perceived by the gaze and remembered through looking at its images, its 'placeness, on the...
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