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The project of the Art Fund of Kyrgyz Republic   Aleksey Riabchenko

The project of the Art Fund of Kyrgyz Republic

72 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Fine art always takes a special place in the people's life. From the ancient times people have been constructing various structures and buildings dedicated to the fine art production, storage or exhibition. At the present times any state has its own famous artists and sculptors who created and keep on producing the state artistic heritage. Hereby, such a facility as a state art fund becomes very important object for the state fine art development and is an indication of the state cultural rise.This work is dedicated to the creation of the Kyrgyz Republic Art Fund project. It contains pre-design analysis, elaboration of the state art fund structure, architectural and structural as well as ecological solutions. All these aspects allowed to create a design of the complex of various facilities that takes into account all the necessary modern issues connected with production, exhibition, and storage of various kinds of the Kyrgyzstan fine art.
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