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The transformation of healthcare   Besar Zifla

The transformation of healthcare

76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Dutch Center for Health Assets (DuCHA) organized in 2009 an international debate on the development of healthcare property in the formerly planned economies of central and Eastern Europe. At the heart of this debate was an architectural design competition, which enables architects to show their vision on healthcare sites and buildings in these challenging circumstances. This project was an entry in this competition, it was based on a Competition Program and is the fruit of my thoughts, reflections and studies upon the subject. The competition is just one piece of the wide dialogue established,even though my project was not selected among the winners, still I think this example would be useful also to the healthcare debate in my own country, Albania. The patient, his integrity, safety, dignity and individuality are the most important things that a hospital should respect and take care. Putting the patient at the center, giving him personal space, information and a stronger voice...
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