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The Amazon Research Network   Alexandre Hepner

The Amazon Research Network

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book discusses the challenges imposed on architectural design by the very specific and complex reality of the Amazon Forest. Departing from an investigation about the current threats to this delicate ecosystem caused by the problem of deforestation, this work draws attention to the historic roots of this issue as well as to possible strategies to face this situation. It then proceeds to a discussion about the contextual aspects of the Amazon Forest that are relevant for environmental design, concentrating on the study of design strategies for achieving environmental comfort in this particular climate. This work hypothesizes a new form of territory occupation based on ‘nomadic’ units that are able to move around the forest, taking advantage of its existing river network. This hypothetical ‘Amazon Research Network’ would be comprised of two types of research facilities: fixed ‘research stations’ and ‘mobile research units’. In order to substantiate this proposal, the...
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