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Terminological Glossary Architecture English - French - Romanian   Georgiana Raluca Lazar

Terminological Glossary Architecture English - French - Romanian

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Structured on seven chapters, this work is a terminological study in the architecture field. Its purpose is to point out a few important aspects of architecture and buildings from the architectural but also terminological point of view, because today’s developments in communications and specialized knowledge make it necessary to bring together specific terms from various languages, which form the foundation of technical, cultural and business interactions. Since a great deal of the specialist communication relies on the vocabulary of a vast number of subject fields, terminology plays an increasingly important role in multilingual information management at present. The multilingual society we live in makes it necessary to pay more attention to communication, which involves at one point different situations that need the use of specialized vocabulary. It is imperative to know how to successfully manage this kind of situations.
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