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Transformation of spaces for home based income generation   A.F.M. Ashrafur Rahman

Transformation of spaces for home based income generation

172 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Shelter and employment in low-income settlements are the two important issues for the reduction of urban poverty in developing countries. Researchers in this field are concerned in urban informal sector but the focus hardly fell on the income generating work associated with home in low-income settlements. The local urban intervention initiated by government with the help of foreign donors and NGO''s concentrates on infrastructure development but failed to explore the potentiality of HIG. This book provides a view on conceptualizing home based income generation (HIG) for the urban poor households and transforming their ‘life space'' i.e. spatial setting to carry out day-to-day activities for household reproduction into ‘economic space'' i.e. spatial setting for income generating activities. The findings of this study recommend few guidelines that might help to refurbish conventional ideas of intervention for the urban poor community.
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