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Design Of Housing In Bangladesh   Bijon B. Sarma

Design Of Housing In Bangladesh

488 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is a book on design of Housing in Bangladesh. This country is rich with traditional architecture. But since the first school for teaching was established with foreign Architect teachers, the thought of nourishing the country's own architecture was neglected. There is no dearth of owners who agree to spend any amount for a house in which he can feel the pleasure of living. For this purpose some bring the design from outside, some use costliest gadgets, some, dazzling sculptures and some, the finest finishing. These may definitely give pleasure and satisfaction. But can it give the pleasure of living with the families of 3, 4 brothers and sisters under one roof, where each can see other’s face every day, where the grand parents can look after the grand children, the parents can play with with the children, and all under full security ?
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