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Traditional Infrastructure Water Sources System in Iran   Amin Saeidian and Annahita Taghooni

Traditional Infrastructure Water Sources System in Iran

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Water present century one of the greatest challenges to humanity that can be the source of many positive and negative developments in the world should be. Gap between water supply and can be requested, is creating crisis. Iran is a vast country with a little amount of precipitation. And overuse of many water sources put it into a dry and drought-prone country and today it belongs to the arid/semi-arid zone of Asia. The variances of precipitation distribution are not only about local parts, but also about seasons. This fact makes the situation more complicated. Iran's average height of precipitation at 37 years time is 250.1 mm. This book tries to review some data and mirror Iran's Water crisis situation. It is to ring the bell for which it may concern actions or policy making in this field, before it is too late. It is not wise to give up all modern technologies and revive tradition instead, but it is quite wise to adopt the sustainable relationship which has always existed between...
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