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Zimmer frei!   Coen Smets

Zimmer frei!

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The design for a housing complex in Zurich explores the extend to which the use of the intermediary space between public and private life should be architecturally determined or not, in order to provide maximal freedom of appropriation by its inhabitants and to promote the completely unpredictable, non-normative usage of space. First, an unconventional distribution of the route from the city to the many apartments inside the housing complex makes coming home a unique process. Second, points of confrontations between particularly private and public moments in the building are emphasized. Both strategies invite the emergence of new habits and rituals. These strategies of gaining freedom of appropriation and promoting the unpredictable, non-normative usage of space are adapted and shaped to a contemporary architectural language resulting in a design that fits seamlessly yet discreetly in KCAP’s Master plan for Stadtraum Hauptbahnhof in the city centre of Zurich.
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