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Wind Driven Architecture   Reinhard Prophitius

Wind Driven Architecture

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the world where we live in sustainability is a very important theme. In every field we can find sustainable thinking. In Architecture this isn't different. Although the practical use of sustainability is very often an addition to architecture, sustainability itself isn't an addition. Sustainability isn’t one piece of clothing which has to fit as much people as possible. To make the most profit we need to undress the multiple ways of explaining sustainability and search the principles which suits the location and needs the best. Therefore the appearance change suiting the situation. We need to know the underlying principles of the sustainable field we’re searching in and incorporate these principles in the very start of designing. In the case location of this thesis, Holland, wind is one of the most suitable source for sustainable use. By investigating the principles of aerodynamics and wind characteristics this book is giving the first steps for integrate sustainable use of wind...
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