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Security Watch in Bus Terminus Design   Hyellamada Samuel

Security Watch in Bus Terminus Design

128 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Terrorist threats and criminal attacks against buildings and other important structures has been on the increase over the years, as such so has the ability of architects and engineers to mitigate damages associated with these threats in a more cost-effective ways. Security threats come from a different variety of sources: angry individuals, common criminals, extremists, or terrorists. The risk of potential damage which includes loss of lives or client’s asset is the key factor that accurately needs to be addressed. The study employs survey research methods (observation, interviews) is carried out by careful study of building design and its environment, appropriately interaction with other building systems and possibly its occupants. It finds out vulnerabilities associated with built environment and in general absence of a defensible space element. It has also discovered various types of crime that can exist under various environmental circumstances. Finally, it is established that...
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