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Sustainable Architecture   Eslam Mohamed Moraekip

Sustainable Architecture

360 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sustainable Architecture Between Theory and Application in Egypt. This book is based on a master of science degree's work which submitted and discussed in Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt at 23/03/2010. Book Summary: Architecture is facing great challenges for implementing sustainability in all processes of construction and reconstruction because they are consuming great amount of materials, energy and nonrenewable nature sources, producing large quantities of wastes and resulting lot of negative impacts to local and global environment. So, Achieving sustainable architecture theory needs to develop a design guidelines to implementing sustainability for every region during each stage of architecture projects and including all elements of sustainability with considering local natural, economic and social environments. Author: Arch. Eng. Eslam Mohamed Moraekip - Architect, Researcher and Lecturer in Architecture Department, Faculty of...
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