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Alexandria Smart City   Doaa Medhat Morsy

Alexandria Smart City

152 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
Imagine a city where everything is interconnected and in constant communication with one another, from electricity, water, waste management, transport, buildings, etc. Now imagine all these systems talking to one another, exchanging information, making smart decisions, all in a highly efficient model. This is the vision of a Smart City. The smart city concept was born two decades ago to address emerging city sustainability issues, and was mainly focused on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. More recently the term was attached to the role of the Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure (ICTs). This research agenda starts with presenting the main Smart city Infrastructure and Systems. After that the research analyzes the distinctions between initiatives aimed at the transformation of existing old cities around the world into smart ones, and initiatives looking at ways to improve design, construction and operation of new cities; which is done by...
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