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Parametric Design Thinking   Ata Chokhachian

Parametric Design Thinking

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Parametricism is a term for a new call epochal style of architecture that covers all the design disciplines and also becomes an important benchmark in architecture design as well. The term recently has developed a global movement that has become mature in the body of technology and contemporary issues on architecture and urbanism, and newly parametric design as a novel attitude toward architecture design, which is shaped in the body of technological movements, started to bring itself in practice. Actually as this movement is getting mature, it faces some failures but it has more to do in the future. In other words, recently parametrics has become a slogan as its being used to design structures and buildings that respond to their environment. While parametrics can be a powerful tool, we rarely see to leave the realm of the design process and venture into the physical applied parametric modeling techniques. As the living world becomes more and more complex by the time goes on, the...
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