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Planning and Design Criteria to Make Urban Transport More Sustainable   Gulnar Bayramoglu

Planning and Design Criteria to Make Urban Transport More Sustainable

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the industrial revolution, technological developments and increased population have caused environmental damages. Accordingly, appearance of the term of Global Warming makes the humanity to revise their facilities in all fields. Sustainability occurred to protect the nature and architectural environment. This term has been proposed not to be a new term but a response to environmental disturbances caused by human activities and it is re-conceptualization of architecture. It contains the imbalance between environmental problems which is natural environment and consumption that occurred all around the world. An important part of sustainability debate focused on urban planning and design for more sustainable forms and patterns. In particular it is discussed that planning and design of urban areas have a major effect on transport and therefore can help reduce car usage, emissions, global warming and climate change. There are many criteria and strategies to prevent car dependency and...
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