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Design Through Performance 'Physical Thinking' in Making Architecture   Kyveli Anastasiadi

Design Through Performance 'Physical Thinking' in Making Architecture

120 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
If there is one thing we have not ustilised enough in architecture, it is the human body. Not as a passive inhabitant of space, but as an active place-maker and database that would further inform a design process. "Occupying Momentum" explores design as a process of reading, representing and making architectural spaces through a ‘thinking body’s movement data’, regarding the human body as a cognitive, drawing, sculpting and measuring tool, observed simultaneously by three different cameras. "Occupying Momentum" raises questions regarding ‘who’ actually is the ‘body’: the performer, the maker, the audience, the camera, or all at the same time? Can we speak about the Architectural Drawing as an Inhabitable Notational Space, where lines stop being 2D bodiless forms but acquire body, matter and substance? If we change the way that objects are inhabited, can we perhaps challenge or even change their typology? How would a door look like if it was ‘performed’ rather than drawn on paper? How...
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