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Tudoresque   Law Andrew, Ballantyne Andrew


272 страниц. 2011 год.
Reaktion Books
Tudoresque architecture is viewed around the world as a symbol of British identity. This style has a powerful hold on the popular imagination, representing the idea of "home" to British citizens, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Some love it, others hate it, but the Tudoresque is still being built, sometimes to give a house a settled, old-fashioned air, sometimes to supply exotica. While lots of people live in Tudor-style houses, very few know anything about their general history. "Tudoresque" is an insightful book that explores the origin of the style, tracing its roots to the antiquarian enthusiasms of the eighteenth century. It looks at the Tudoresque cottage style, which later influenced 1930s architecture, and the Tudor-style manor house, particularly favoured in the nineteenth century. While the style has been discouraged since the 1920s – and is especially reviled by modernists – it continues often to be chosen when design professionals do not have the upper hand....
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