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Founding Myths of Architecture   Bruenslow Jens, Dreyfuss Guillame, Buhagiar Konrad

Founding Myths of Architecture

176 страниц. 2014 год.
"The Founding Myths of Architecture" brings together the work of some of the most influential figures from architectural theory to discuss the significance of the artform in relation to the history of mankind, returning to the authentic roots from which modern architectural design has sprung. With leading contributors from around the world working in a variety of disciplines, a broad discussion of architecture and its relationship with science, nature, art and society informs the contents of this book. Kari Jormakka, Pedro Azara, Caspar Pearson and Henry Dietrich Fernandez are just some of the respected theorists whose writings comprise this authoritative look at the origins of architectural practice and its importance to the development of modern society. Exploring architecture as a basic human instinct, linking contemporary architecture to ideas surrounding mythology and cosmos and assessing the importance of architecture from an anthropological viewpoint, "The Founding Myths of...
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