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Controversies in Design: Architect's Versus Artist's   Bijon B. Sarma

Controversies in Design: Architect's Versus Artist's

168 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The students who get admitted in Architecture Program in the Universities need to learn Basic Architectural Design as the first, foremost and basic course. IA casual look at this course may reveal that the principles, hypothesis or rules taught to them regarding ‘visual beauty’ have their origins in Fine Arts. Those, by all means were created by the were artists, painters and sculptors. Whatever might have been the situation in the distant past, as of today, Architecture is basically different from Fine Arts, Painting or Sculpture As soon as the students of architecture start studying higher courses of design, they discover that whereas the previous concept they achieved through the basic or fundamental courses were based on artist’s experiences, those in the higher courses are based on subjects like logic, structure, climate, sociology, psychology, construction technology etc. To some students the situation appears like a shock. They are compelled to change, forget or...
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