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Using Schemata as a Cognitive Design Process   Clifford J. Gentry

Using Schemata as a Cognitive Design Process

200 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Given the inherent stresses, complexity, potential unfamiliarity, and other navigational challenges posed by built environments, a particular environmental setting, such as the airport, provides the opportunity for designers to observe users, identify affordances, and resolve existing design issues of an environment in which a specific order of tasks are required to be completed before initiating the next task or protocol. This book addresses the relationship between the affordances of the built environment, and the associations between PREception, Actual Experience, and POSTception drawn cognitive maps, especially those involving one's anticipation, movement, and actual behavior. Although this book focuses specifically on the airport, the application of this methodology provides a designer with a qualitative and quantitative process, as well as feedback, from an infinite selection of demographic populations and built environments.
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