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The Boundaries of Living Spaces   Afet Celiker

The Boundaries of Living Spaces

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is essential and necessary to handle architecture not only, with the buildings, but also with the life that takes place inside the buildings as well. Because, man is the 'object' in architecture. All natural and artificial environment forms a basis for a fiction, in which man exists in its center. Everything should be arranged in such a way that, man could survive his life more happy, relaxed and comfortable. Since the man's happiness and comfort is needed in the first place, the 'living space' which is the smallest unit of a dwelling has a separate meaning and emphasis. If there is a failure in this area, then all the true solutions will not be able to change that failure. This book examines those spaces and questions the boundaries of living spaces.
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