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Adaptability As Sustainable Design Strategies In Hospitals   Heidi Sorensen Merrild

Adaptability As Sustainable Design Strategies In Hospitals

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hospitals have to reduce the footprint and move towards carbon neutrality, the health sector have a possibility to demonstrate a path to respond to climate change, advocating a coherent healthy and sustainable future. A wide range of challenges will though be limiting the design of new hospitals, unless new design principles and methods organizing the hospitals are rethought. Today we have to find new solutions of high potential; shortening the healing process, creating an attractive work environment, lowering the energy consumption, not only as energy reduction parameters but also reduction of the whole building lifetime cost. This book will explore strategies and potentials lowering the energy consumption and improve the healing environment in hospital design, with a focus on daylight and ventilation strategies. Will it be a compromise or can it become cohesion of technology and human comfort designing the sustainable hospital of tomorrow and what are the potentials, achieving a...
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