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Fast Track to CAE: Teacher's Book   Susan Morris, Alan Stanton

Fast Track to CAE: Teacher's Book

215x280 168 страниц. 2007 год.
Pearson Education Limited
Focused and challenging, "Fast Track to CAE" gives students everything they need to go for an A grade. Specially written to incorporate the 1999 modifications, "Fast Track to CAE" covers all the key grammar and vocabulary students need for the exam, and trains them in essential exam technique. While looking at what is being tested and why, students learn how to tackle each task in the most effective way. Putting students on the right track The Teacher's Book includes: a detailed description of the CAE exam; unit by unit teaching notes; background information on the texts; suggestions for extra activities; annotated answers to the exercises in the Coursebook and model answers to the Writing tasks; tapescripts. New in this Edition: photocopiable Unit and Progress Tests.
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